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Electric Boilers

4kw • 6kw • 9kw • 12kw

When you have no oil or gas

These units offer the comfort and convenience of wet central heating and hot water supply wherever there is mains electricity. They provide near silent operation and do not require a flue. Depending on specific circumstances, an electric boiler can result in lower lifetime costs as the lower capital, installation, maintenance and inspection costs and longer useful life compared to oil or gas boilers can more than offset higher energy consumption costs. It is also possible to purchase 'green electricity' which uses the earth's natural energy sources (such as wind power, tidal power, hydro power etc) rather than burning fossil fuels. Off-peak electricity tariffs can also provide lower cost electricity, the two most common two being Economy 7 and Economy 10. You should contact your electricity supplier for details of off-peak tariffs and your local electricity distribution company regarding meters.

For historical reasons boiler heating powers are often expressed in the British Imperial units BTU/hr rather than the kW equivalent. To convert from kW to BTU/hr multiply by 3412 e.g. 1 kW = 3412 BTU/hr. Similarly to convert from BTU/hr to kW divide by 3412.


The Heatrae Sadia Amptec Electric boiler range provide wet central heating and can heat a domestic hot water cylinder with the comfort and controllability of a gas central heating boiler.

Heatrae Sadia Amptec Electric Boilers can be installed with standard circulating pumps, thermostatic radiator valves, room thermostats and programmers to ensure high levels of comfort and control.

Available in a range of outputs, they can be installed singly, or as multiple units, making them suitable for a wide range of properties from mobile homes, flats and apartments up to large family houses.

They are suitable for use in sealed or open vented installations and with conventional radiators or underfloor heating systems.

Domestic hot water can be provided by the boiler when used in conjunction with an indirect hot water storage cylinder. Alternatively the boiler can provide heating only, with domestic hot water being supplied from a direct hot water storage cylinder.

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